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ANHIMU Season 1 Customs [Res 3 MARCH] Private Server

150x / Market / Item Auction / Looking for new GM / New Zen, Jewel, Item Bank / Item Remove Option, Add Luck, Add Skill / Free Credits By Vote / Weekly BC/DS Rankings + awards / Daily Events. Custom website written from scratch, professional staff.

ANHIMU Season 1 Customs [Res 3 MARCH] Info:
Version: 1.0MLocation: EuropeServer UpTime: 24/7Experience: 500xDrop rate: 50Box in shop: NOBless Bug: OFFMax level: 400Reset level: 330 - 400Max reset: 30 increasing Grand reset: YES awards Stat Points Per level: SM/DK/ELF - 5 MG/DL - 7Reset stats: YESPoints per reset: SM: 575 BK: 450 ELF: 550 MG: 580 DL: 750Reset system: Web Zen wallet, all items in inventory lower part - not worn , keep skills Full of spots Fast and fun levelingCustom Commands:/post, /online, /pkclear, /timeStats adder needs Switch Character :/addstr 9999/addagi 9999/addvit 9999/addenr 9999

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