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Maximum Jade Dynasty Private Server

Friendly, active, mature, knowledgeable staff with devoted Dev +10 gear cap and NO BATTERIES for fair pvp, 120 jaden every 3 hours Come join the fun friendly family today

Maximum Jade Dynasty Info:
MaximumJD is a new private server managed by a small group of experienced JD players, each having played at least 3 years in both official and private servers. They have taken this experience and knowledge to bring you MaximumJD. No battery pvp Friendly, active staff Reasonable cash shop rates Exp rates 500x All 14x gear 1 silver jaden 5k bank notes available Gear cap is +12 200 jaden every 5 hours just for voting Active forums with friendly moderators No GA/GS or item testers in game. Server VentrilloThere is NO donator bonuses whatsoever. All donation items are available by playing the game. New donations will be added weekly, and the dev team is working on an array of events, instances and other great stuff for our players to enough. We look forward to seeing you at MaximumJD.

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