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heRO Server [A Heroic Experience of RO] Private Server

Become a hero + 5/5/3 Pre-Renewal + Stable for 13+ Years + Fishing Mining + Many Full Custom Dungeons + Exp/Rewards for participating in WoE BG + Light VS Dark Allegiance + Trials of Heroes + 100+ Hairstyles + Lots of Events Unique Quests + No Dual Client + Nice Welcoming Community

heRO Server [A Heroic Experience of RO] Info:
heRO is first and foremost dedicated to being a fun and unique place to play Ragnarok Online. We are a pre-renewal low rate, our goal is to make it challenging and entertaining for both casual and hardcore players alike, theres always something interesting to do. Weve been open for over 8 years and are ready to keep going with more unique content and fun stuff for a long time to come. Some features you can look forward to experiencing : Fishing, Mining, Orphanage, Light VS Dark Allegiance, Bulletin Board Quest, Mr. Hatter NPC, Nobility System, Retro WoE, 4 Full custom dungeons with unique monsters. Join the fun...

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