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World Of Conquer Community - Join Us Now Private Server

World Of Conquer Community is a collection of MMORPG servers that includes versions 5733 and 5095 - Community offers a rich and dynamic environment for players to form friendships, participate in events, and compete against each other.

World Of Conquer Community - Join Us Now Info:
8 Balanced game characters, Max level is 140 with high EXPrate and Custom PVE elements such as Tasks/Missions, Newbies Protection system to provide a fair environment for the new players, Free +5 maxed gears amp Free P6 DragonSoul Set for the new players, PurpleBanshee, TeratoDragon and 7 other Bosses are spawning at all the cities, ForzenGrottowith LavaBeasts that drops L5 and L6 Sacred Refinery items, No Epic Weapons, No Perfection System, Chi and Sub-classes, No Jiang-Hu, Team Qualifier, and Arena Qualifier were developed professionally, Houses, Furniture, Flowers, Guilds Clans interfaces are all properly implemented, A lot of PVP Events/Tournaments including the ProArena,Professional Support team to answer/solve your cases/inquiries as fast as possible, Professional developers to ensure bugs-free and provide the best possible

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