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EpicConquer-NewClassic Server 5095 Private Server

New Server classic [No lag][Active STAFF][Original 4 Classes][No Ninja][Old School][lottrey][Dragon war][Elite war][Elite PK][lastman][pola city][race][top class][snow banshee][Quest Scand][Terato Dragon +4 +5 Stones in shop.. alot of events

EpicConquer-NewClassic Server 5095 Info:
Welcome to EpicConquer Private Server
Server Open Date 1/9/2023
[u]Server Version: 5095 [/b]
[u]Rates: Medium [/b]
[u]Server Type: Classic [/b]
[u]Max Level: 137 [/b]
[u]Max Plus: +12[/b]
[u]OLD SKILLS [/b]
[u]New customers amp garments [/b]
[u]Elite pk, Guild war, and much more new events [/b]
[u][ Monsters Drop 1 Cps each , +1[/b]
[u]Items, Metors, DragonBalls, Gold ] [/b]
[u]Queestarcher lvl 137 only[/b]
[u]Full Screen enjoy all now [/b]
This server started as a project of me EpicConquer to emulatethe game Conquer Online. Was not started withdonations in mind like other servers and I will keep it online for a long time to come. It is not the perfect serveror the best server but you can give it a try and see for yourself. We are a nonprofit organization/person and we are in no way and do not claim that we are affiliated with - Any companies.

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