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NycterMoon - Vanilla - AI Companions Private Server

Immersive Server with AI Companions - Best AI Logic - All content can be cleared with the Companions - Well Designed Custom Content

NycterMoon - Vanilla - AI Companions Info:
NycterMoon is a Vanilla server with AI Companions. The Companions are the best scripted bots you can find. They are capable of assisting you with clearing any content from questing, battlegrounds, dungeons or raids. The server has been in development for over 2 years and all the content has been successfully cleared by hundreds of playersand dozens of groups, either solo, coop or large raid groups. With the help of the Companions, you can fill in any spot in your groups composition whether you need a tank, healer or dps, the bots excel in all situations. Their rotations have been fine tuned and benchmarked against wow-logs raid timings. They also have a high degree ofcustomizability, settings and commands so you can fine tune them to your playstyle. The bots have been tested in all situations and they can help you achieve your ideal playstyle. When you add them to your group they come fully prepared with gear, spells, talents and logic to function fully in your group. You can upgrade them and their gear allthe way to T3 best in slot. They have logic to work very well with players and other bots. For easy content like questing you dont have to worry about them at all, they are plug and play. For harder content like dungeons or raids you have many commands to help you control them and they have their own logic to help you win.

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