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RoyaltyPrestigeWoW Private Server

This is a brand new server that gives the players an appotunity to have fun soloing dungeons and raids We have good rates like 4x exp and 3x profession rate and 4x professions. 10-30 people online daily.

RoyaltyPrestigeWoW Info:
Hello everyone RoyaltyPrestige is a brand new CATACLYSM server where you are able to Solo dungeons Raids as Firelands . BoT . DS . TOFW . BH are 3man able.You are able to get Starter Heirlooms from a Starter NPC and there is a teleporter guy in main citys and starter places. Exp rates are pickable from NPC in starter zones 1-15x. prof rate 5xrep rates 7x. and much more. Come take a look at for more infomation join our discord

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