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Shaiya Conflict [1 Year Online] Private Server

DDoS Protected Ep5 with extra features, Instant Lv 80, Top lapis Lv9, improved balance/skills, PvE/PvP Hybrid, 10x Kill to 10 mil max, Awesome PvP rewards, Kill shared account, End Gear Quests, SP Farmable

Shaiya Conflict [1 Year Online] Info:
Release Date : December 17th 2022 - Episode : 5.4 with up-to-date episode 8 features - Instant Level 80 and Max Lapis Lv9, no debuff - custom rank stats for balance old and new players free gear close to end gear in stats - Rapid ranking x5 kill normal and x10 with Battlefield Rune - Sweet Rank rewards redeemable on website start with 1K kills -DEX-LUC-WIS Fixed - Max Kills 10 Millions - Stat points from rank are greatly reduced to foster balance between older players and newcomers. - Free Gears, Accessories, Capes and Weapons Lv 80 usefull even in PvP - Free 7s Lapis, Ele Lv2, Flash Lv2, Sonic Lv2, Helm Lv2 - End Gears in quests in CoG to get part you want for your class or on bosses -Perfect Recreation Rune only, recreates random options on item with max stats - Get Shaiya Points in PvP [Quest/Kill Streak/PvP Rewards], PvE [mobs/bosses] and by voting - Perfect Lapisia Quest and Cosmetics Quests in Castle of Conflict - Active Staff, Helpful Community and Dev/Admin devoted to the server - New Instant Mounts, Aura Costumes,Titles, Color Nicks, Weapon Skins, Wings, Pets and Custom Costume - Kill Streak and Bounty System. Auto Notice And Auto Reward Shaiya Points - Auto-Notice when a Boss Spawned or Died - New elemental Icon, New Inventory Buttons [blacksmith, sell to NPC, etc] - 150 Slot Raid amp Shared Kill for Account and Raids - Auto Pick up - 2 Players GuildCreation - HP Bar/Wings/Pet/No effects/Costume/Title On/Off Buttons in Player Options - Endless Pots, Ress Leader with 4 sec UT, TP Commands, 3rd Skills Bar, FPS Boost, Fast Loading, Etc - Fixed HP: Both Factions have the same ammount of HP - Trade between factions: Gives you the ability to trade with the opposite faction - Whispers betweenfactions: Gives you the opportunity to negotiate with the opposite faction - Shift x10 stats - Buffs remains after death - Anti Cheat Protected - Not 1 but 3 servers powered by Hyperfilter/OVH and localised in EU to ensure the security and stability of the game on the long term - Best Shaiya Server, Shaiya, Private Shaiya Server, Shaiya Server,Shaiya Private Server, Top Private Server 2023

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