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FireStar Mu Season9 Private Server

500X - Rewarding server, Great boss monster drop [F.O. + Lvl 4 wings, Penta] Great admin team, Weekly giveaways and events Box Of Kundun +1, +2, +3 in shops Small wings in shops. Points/level - 7/9 Max stat 65k Webshop WebMarket WebWarehouse

FireStar Mu Season9 Info:
Server Name: FireStar Mu Server Version: Season 9 Ep2 Server Information: Server launched on 9/09/2022 Location : UK Host Location: UK Host provider: SovaHost [DDoS Protected] Server Website : Weekly Giveaways On Discord Server : Server Config info: Exp 1000X [Higher rates with VIP]General Drop rate: 85 [Higher rates with VIP] Max Level : 400 Max Master Level : 330 Max Stats : 65000 Points Per Level : 7/9 Master Points Per Level : 7 Chaos Machine Rate : 100 Max Resets : 500 Reset available on website or in game via /reset Stats Stay On Reset Grand Reset At 100 Resets Grand Reset Reward 20000 Credits Box of Kundun +1, +2,+3 In Shop Event Items In Shop Auto Party : ON Off-Trade : ON Cash Shop : ON Mu Helper : ON Multiple Inventory : ON Multi-warehouse : ON Boss Monsters Drop F.O. Items Event Monsters Give You Credits Multiple Spots On Multiple Maps Balanced Economy Website Settings: Web Shop Web Market Web Warehouse Credits Converter To WCoin And WCoin Converter ToCredits With 0 Tax Vote Reward System : 75 - 150 Credits/Vote Online Time Trade For Credits

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