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Spirit Online Private Server

Eager to join a low rate experience Come to Spirit Online, an experience without cash shop or donation

Spirit Online Info:
[Opening Date: August 13, 2022 14:00] Spirit Online is a classic Low Rate server hosted in France based on rAthena. The entire server is under the English language. Gepard Shield 3.0 protection with some additional options: - Prevent mouse and keyboard emulation. Blocks macro/autopotion tools. - Prevents the use of nodelay. Blocks many methods toachieve this effect. - Prevents modification of resources. - Custom GRF not read by the server. vsync ping //Server Information Episode: 11.2 Veins - Episodic Rates: 6/6 Drops: 6 Miniboss/MvP drops: 3 Cards: 0.06 Miniboss/Mvp card: 0.01 Party Share level: 10 Party Share Bonus: 10 per member. Multi level up: Yes up to level 50/25 Max level:99/70 [Rebirth] 99/50 [pre-trans/Baby] 99/99 [Super Novice] Max Stats: 99 [80 for Baby] // -------- Features -------- - Reset skill to certain first class [Base level 40 max] - Reset stats for 1,500,000z [14 day cooldown is applied to your character after using.] - Master Storage. - Monster of the day. - Headgear to Costume [and vice versa] -Change Cart 2 Quest - Hat Dyer - AutoCommand npc - Stylist // -------- Gameplay -------- - Mercenary: Disabled - Repeatable Quests: Disabled - Sunglasses[1] Quest: Disabled // -------- BG Vykimo -------- - CONSUMABLE ONLY FOR BG. - PvP with objectives. - NO BENEFIT for Pve/WoE. We see this battleground as a fun like PvP is. We dont intend toenable BG at the start of the server but much later and we make a point of giving no advantage for PvE or WoE. For more infos: go to our website.

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