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DivinityPW 1.6.5 USA/EU Private Server

Server Version 1.6.5. Availability of both PvP and PvE content. 6 races, 14 classes are available for the game including Edgerunner/Paladino and Technician/Gunner.

DivinityPW 1.6.5 USA/EU Info:
The Divinity PW Starter Pack will award you with a full set of R9R3 for your designated class, also provides 1 set of nuema portal cards lvl 1 0 RB, and mats to craft 1 G17 weapon. This pack can be used 1 time per account, and the items are bound to the character it is opened on. Players that bring a guild or a group of players with over 15 activeplayers may register said guild for a guild bonus, this guild bonus will be a free emperor tome. You must have 15+ active players upon registration for this bonus, you will list your guilds name and the leaders name below. After registering one time, you no longer can register. Players with same IPs can not get rewards from another guild if theyare in one, and will not be accounted toward the Active players when registering.

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