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UO Eclipse Non-PvP Private Server

Zero PvP server with instanced housing, pet customization, instanced champion spawns, millions of custom artifacts and so much more Start with all skills GM

UO Eclipse Non-PvP Info:
Ultima Eclipse is a free Ultima Online shard with no PvP. We offer some unique features you wont find anywhere else, such as: - Instanced Housing - Instanced Private Champion Spawns - Customizable Pets - Champ Bashes - Fleeing Fugitive - Rune Crafting - Demigods - Champion Avengers - Desolate Instanced Maps - Custom Castle and Keep Plots - FREEHouse Placement - Gold Shop - Gameplay Rewards - Gambling - Discord Integrated In-Game Events - Upgraded Base Ultima Online Systems - So, so much more Your first character starts with all skills GM, and you also start with a free Eclipse Ethereal Mount with 9 different body mods unlocked. We offer over 70 different ethy body mods, heck, you caneven ride an orc Several years of development have went into UO Eclipse, and its by far one of the best PvM Ultima Online free shards around. Join our growing community today

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