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Lotus Mu - Yoskreth x10 - February 16th Private Server

Lotus Mu - Yoskreth x10 - Enjoy smooth 30FPS gameplay, Unique Pet system, thrilling events incl. Hall of Fame, progressive quest system, well thought economy and a lot more. Join the adventure now.

Lotus Mu - Yoskreth x10 - February 16th Info:
Lotus Mu - Yoskreth x1000 Europe October 13th, 2023 Discover Lotus Mu, where the art of gaming meets the dedication of creators who have poured their hearts into crafting an extraordinary experience. Every nook and cranny of this world reflects a passion for perfection, resulting in a server that captures the essence of true gaming magic. Ourapproach is to maintain character data forever, and server merges will occur over time. Engage in epic quests, conquer mighty beasts, and participate in unique events that showcase the devotion behind every aspect of our server. Join a community that shares this passion and embark on a journey through a world thats been thoughtfully cultivated forboth new and experienced adventurers. Server Rates - Version: Yoskreth - Available Character Classes: DK, DW, FE, MG, DL - Experience: x1000 - will gradually decrease - Item Drop: 40 - Max Resets: 40 - will gradually increase - Reset Level: 400 - Keep Stats: No - Reset points: Dynamic - check in wiki - Reset Zen: 5M x Reset Number - Clear PK Zen:5M x Kills - Stat Points Per level: BK/SM/ME - 5 MG - 7 - Chaos Machine Succes Rates: Normal - Jewels Success Rates: Normal - Monster Spawns: All Maps - Bless Bug: NO - WebShop: NO Gameplay Systems - Dynamic Reset System - Combo System for all Classes - Progressive Quest System - Quest Pavilion - Daily Rewards - Custom Tier 2 Pets - Unique SkinSystem - Mini Boss and Boss System - Custom crafted Maps Client Features - 3D Camera - Minimap with Monster Spawns - Mu Helper - Item Bank - Event amp Invasion Schedule - Active Invasions - Search Party Module - Search Stores Module - Vast array of in-game Commands Events - Blood Castle - Devil Sqare - Chaos Castle - Illusion Temple - YoskrethLottery - Quiz Event - Auction Event - Yoskreth Drop - King of Yoskreth - Team Clash - Barebone Brawl - Specialists Combat - Pandora Event - Castle Deep - Crywolf Event - Mu Mayhem - Knights Mayhem - Wizards Mayhem - Elves Mayhem - Gladiators Mayhem - Lords Mayhem - ... and more... Invasions - Death King Invasion - Red Dragon Invasion - GoldenDragon Invasion - White Wizard Invasion - Zaikan Invasion - Golden Great Dragon Invasion - Minotaur - Medusa - Erohim - Kundun Skin System We have embraced the concept of player self-expression by introducing the revolutionary Skin System - unique feature which can be encountered only in the realm of Lotus Mu. Streamer Partner Program Join ourStreamer Partner Program and unlock exciting opportunities to not only showcase your gaming skills but also earn real money. As a valued member of our streaming community, youll have the chance to be featured prominently on our website, gaining exposure to a wide audience of fellow gamers. Dont miss out on the chance to turn your passion forstreaming into a rewarding endeavor. Contact us today to learn more about this fantastic opportunity Dont miss out on the opportunity to be a part of this extraordinary world. Experience Lotus Mu today and discover the pinnacle of Mu Online.

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