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Shaiya Avatar - Coming Soon Private Server

SHAIYA AVATAR THE BIGGEST PROJECT OF THE YEAR 2K2 IS HERE [EXP X300] [KILLS X1] [Balanced PVP/PVE content] [Dedicated staff team] [Opening plan is on 19th June 2022]

Shaiya Avatar - Coming Soon Info:
_ Shaiya Avatar its a new project that will revolutionize the shaiya community. _ The server is build from scratch on Java engine which means that game is running very fast and using the latests graphics even better than official shaiya. We have been working on this project forabout 2 years and we can finally say that we are in the moment when will launch this project. The opening plan is on 14th July 2022, registration account and other website functions will be disponible soon. Server Features Episode 5.4 EXP X300 KILLS X1 Balanced PVP/PVE content Dedicated staff team AND MANY OTHER FEATURES For more informationjoin our Discord. Regards, Avatar team

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