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MephisMU X5000 FUN JANUARY 8th - 2022 Private Server

[x5000 FUN] Mephis MU Latest Season 17 [New Characters Mephis amp Lemuria] [New Map Burning Kethotum amp Old Kethotum] [New Weapons amp Sets] [All valuable currency is available in-game] [X-Shop store with FO. items] [All bosses and events give you free WCoins] [Start pack bonus]

MephisMU X5000 FUN JANUARY 8th - 2022 Info:
X5000 FUN SERVER Grand Opening January 8th. Having done a lot of work, we invite all the players in our world server Mephis Mu Online. On our site, you can come-all of their ideas and dreams, starting with the good economy which affects trade and use exchange system , ending extracting the full game through things. Selling ANC + EXE items are notavailable in the game world, only separately. Keeping all items in the description of the server - with regard to the currency WCoins you can more quickly realize their dreams into reality. Use Reset System, Events, Kill bosses and get WCoins Full game items Choosing our server and you forget about the fact that such a disconnect, cheaters andlags in the game, speaking of balance, you will feel the excitement of playing the full articles in the PVP and PVE. So to say who first saw the winner and who is asleep and he lost We wait for you on January 8th, on our server

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