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X500 MEDIUM - DECEMBER 3th WE WAIT YOU Private Server

[x5000 FUN and x500 MEDIUM] Mephis MU Latest Season 17 [New Characters Mephis amp Lemuria] [New Map Burning Kethotum amp Old Kethotum] [New Weapons amp Sets] [RESETS NO LIMIT] [Drop list on Website] [All bosses and events give you free WCoins]

Dear ladies and gentlemen, we are pleased to inform you that the only and unique Memphis Mu Online server will be released very soon, the opening of which will be solemnly held on November 19, 2022. Our server is difficult to describe in words. This is the pinnacle of creation, because it has everything you can dream of. From the first day of therelease of season 17, we worked tirelessly every day to set up this wonderful server. After all, you wont see such servers anywhere else. The whole gameplay from A to Z is designed so that you cant even get bored for a second while in the game. PvP balance, which took a lot of time, is finally done. All characters are equal, there are no thestrongest or the best. Play for those you like, not just those who are stronger. Every small detail, every setting, every inch of our server is individual. All our work is simply impossible to describe. We can only show it to you. We have been waiting for a very long time for season 17 to stabilize and finally update. So that we can adjusteverything and adjust it to our players. That is why the server was not opened earlier and was in development. As you know, season 18 has already been released and we know it perfectly well. While you will enjoy season 17 on our server, we will also develop season 18. After all, we are not a one-day project, we are the ones who will stay in yourhearts and warm you on cold evenings. We have already started setting up season 18, because there are innumerable bugs in it, because it is still very raw and needs to be finalized. That is why we will offer our players to help us with this and open a beta server for season 18. In which, just like in season 17, we will configure every inch, everycorner of our server. On our server, you can realize all your ideas and dreams, because you will be met by an excellent economy that greatly affects trade and exchange systems, ending with the extraction of valuable game items in a game way. You should know that the Web Shop will not be available immediately, but 24 hours after opening. In thefirst 24 hours, only the purchase of WCoins will be available. By participating in events, killing bosses, knocking items out of boxes, using WCoins, earning Ruud on resets, thanks to all this you can get Full game items Choosing our server, you will forget about things like disconnect, cheaters and lags in the game. We look forward to seeing youat the opening

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