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NFTale Private Server

Play2Earn PristonTale by Severe Rise Games - Classic gameplay with the adaptation of Blockchain Technology. Come and enjoy playing while you earn.

NFTale Info:
In the early 2000s, this game was enjoyed by players of all ages. It was developed by Korean and Chinese developers, Korean Game Publisher. Several years passed, it has been sold to other game publishers outside of Korea, and around 2010, the game has come to EOL or End-Of-Life. Many players and fans were saddened by the games status andthey wished for this game to evolve so that it could at least compete or adopt the new standards in the gaming industry especially under the MMORPG genre. Around 2012, the games original source was released in a development forum and later on become the Holy Grail of private game developers. After a few years, these private developers started torewrite the source code from scratch and just made this source code as their reference. Fortunately, with basic standards and updated SDKs, The Game has flourished once again and adapted to newer and later games environments. Now, as the Gaming Universe has taken its toll and is once again stepping into a new and higher standard, adopting Blockchain Technology, The Game is again put into a challenge of this unending and ever-changing innovation. That is why Severe Rise Games will bring this game to its new heights, integrating it into a smart contract and bringing the play-to-earn mechanism to its fans, players, and gamers.

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