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Dawn Perfect World Private Server

The most advanced popular English private server, with custom events, custom dungeons with the largest fashion collection, flyer, mounts, and many more in-game features.

Dawn Perfect World Info:
We created this server as an enjoyable experience for us, as well as players. For a full list of features, please visit our website which has four different languages [English, Spanish, Russian, and Portuguese] Custom Modifications: Changed the appearance of City of Lost, Thousand Streams, Plume City, Etherblade, Heavens Tear, andmuch much more. Added two new extremely difficult high level areas in place of Broken Bow Bluff and The Mines outside of West Archosaur Massive game engine improvements to greatly improve performance with lots of players around Upgraded Perfect World from DirectX 8 to DirectX 9 We have added Buff and Debuff timers on yourself and your targetBuilt-In Gear Swap system Reset instance button New inventory buttons which offer many NPC services such as Banker, Supply Shop, Mail, Refine, Imbue Soulgems, and more Supply Shop is a mobile shop which sells useful goods to the player for coins Instant conversion of coins to Ten-Million Notes and vice versa built into inventory bag on the goDisplay which shows the range you are away from your current target Display which shows the targets current and maximum HP Built-In Skill Sender baked into the client Task Goal highlighting which highlights monsters or NPCs or diggable mines needed for the given task 1.5.5 Style AoE loot feature added in the form of a buff Hair fashion has beenmade to show while in armor mode Custom emotes in-game Perfect Teleport Stone that teleports you to any unlocked waypoint on any map without being consumed [Currently supports Dawnfall Exodus[Starter map], Heaven, , Main Map, Morai, Primal World, and Neverfall] Fully custom T-Window which displays the number of nearby players as well as othercustom features Custom weekly roaming boss in Morai Thousands of stock, unreleased, and custom fashion available in the boutique for 1 silver Further optimizations which are able to be configured in-game: Hide Flyers Hide Trees Hide Grasses Hide Cute Pets Enable/Disable client freeze Player and NPC nametag increase render range Enable/Disableauto-attack More details are posted in our website, and feel free to join our Discord community We are constantly looking for fresh ideas, and looking to expand on our current feature list.

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