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Shaiya Annunaki Chapter 2 Private Server

Shaiya Annunaki is an Episode 5 [with EP6 content], KILL Rate x1, Instant Lvl 15/30/70, Max Lv70, Max Lapis Lv6 v2. PvP Rewards system automatic. [PvP, Farm, Boss Hunt, Events and much more] ,Friendly and active staff members, Shaiya top 100, 200 server, shaiya private server, shaiya p servers

Shaiya Annunaki Chapter 2 Info:
Server PvE/PvP Based - Server is Focused on both Farm and PVP, we have starter goodies but you still have to jump on Bosses for upgrades. Max Player Level 70 - 3 Zones with Instant lvl 15 / 30 / 70. Starter Goodies for Everyone - Free Lv69 Gears and Weapons to have the best start on Server. Max Lapis Lv.6 2 Versions - We Have a lot of freeLapises to make your Character ready for Boss Hunt / Farm on all maps / or even for PVP. Max Enchant [20] - Special Enchant System with 3 kinds of Lapisias to get off the same routine and do it in new way. Auto Pick Up System - No need Farm Raid or Self Party anymore , Just kill Mobs and your loot will come directly into your Inventory. 3rdSkillbar - We have 3rd Skillbar Feature so you have enough Space for all your Skills/Potions/Gears. Elemental Icon System - Top/Weapon Element will be Shown on your Skillbar for fast Change . Easy Farm System - We have best Balance for Items and Gold ingame. Create Guild with 3 Players - Only need 3 Members to create your Guild. Raid KillsShare System - No Problem if you are in same Raid or in 2nd Raid you get same amount of Kills anyway. Normal Kill x1 - Rune x2 - Sometimes even more X for more Fun and Motivation. PvP Reward System - You will get AP for every PVP Rank and also have PVP Quests with a lot of valuable Prizes. HP/MP/SP/DEX Fixed - All are fixed with best Forma.Various custom Costumes/Weapon and Pets Skins - Many Costumes for Armor and Weapon, all so cool Pets to make the Game more Fun. Anti Cheat System - Highly Protected Server from any Kind of Cheating to provide fair Game for Everyone. DDoS Protected Server - High Server Performance with NO Lag and High Protect System against DDoS.

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