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Conquer Down Under!

Conquer Down Under
[AUS Host][Classic/Modern][Medium Rates][Max 140/2nd Rebirth][Active Community][PvP/PvE Events][Seasonal Events][Low Ping][Stable][No P2W][Gold/CP Drops][+12 Max][Bosses][Cosmetics][VIP]

Conquer Down Under Information:
Australian/Oceanic hosted Conquer Online private server. This is a new server and we are aiming to bring the classic feel of Conquer Online to V5517 client. Allowing for newer quality of life features without the mess modern Conquer has. There will be no pay-to-win donations. Donations will be for quality of life, cosmetics etc. [5517][4Classes][Second RB][GuildWar][Events][Medium Rates][Great Community] and so much more Register now and login to explore the world of Conquer Down Under Please, join the Discord channel and have a chat with us. We are keen to grow this community and look forward to seeing you in-game

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