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From Chaos - 24/7 Alterac Valley PvP!

From Chaos - 24/7 Alterac Valley PvP
[Instant 80][24/7 Alterac Valley][Mall][Killstreaks][Tenacity][Faction Balance Reward System][Classic PvP Titles][Custom PvP Reward Track] Faithful and dedicated remake and remaster of Chaos Crusade + Remnants of Chaos.

From Chaos - 24/7 Alterac Valley PvP Information:
From Chaos is a dedicated, faithful remake of the Chaos Crusade and Remnants of Chaos private servers. We are a 24/7 Alterac Valley PvP server where you kill players for gold, kill more players for more gold, and buy your epic gear with the spoils. You can go on killstreaks for extra rewards, capture bases in AV for your team, and kill theenemy teams bosses for bonuses and rare mounts
There are unique scripts bringing in features like parachuting behind enemy lines, tenacity and bonus gold given to the underdog team, a convenient mall with multivendors, profession NPCs, pet NPCs, and more always being added. Join now at

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