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Way of Elendil 3.3.5 Blizzlike Private Server

[Wrath of the Lich King 3.3.5][Blizzlike][Rates x1][Drop x1][Realm PvP][French community][Full content available][Events custom][Crossfaction][Interfaction][Dungeon Finder][Transfer official character]

Way of Elendil 3.3.5 Blizzlike Info:
Created in 2006 with its flourishing community and its particularly present team, Way of Elendil is one of the most active French servers. We offer you a game under Wrath of the Lich king debugged and functional on all extensions. Every quest, dungeon, raid and battlefield as well as the highlights are open and scripted as on official. Finally,our team is particularly accessible in case of problems or to answer all your questions. Rate: x1 Drop: x1 Type: PvP Transfers are accepted from the official and private servers. A store is accessible to you thanks to the voting credits. This one will allow you to buy fun items, mounts and mascots not present under this extension as well astechnical actions such as changing faction, changing race, etc... It is not possible to buy equipment, lvls or gold. Our store only offers fun without impact on the progression of your character and does not work with euros. We stay at your disposal once in the game, the team consists of developers, guards who keep an eye on the grain, animatorswho bring their share of the unexpected, and BugTrackers to report and fix all the rare problems you may encounter. Coming to play on Way of Elendil is to draw the map of the authenticity of World of Warcraft.

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