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Shaiya Untold!

Shaiya Untold
Episode 5.4 [Max level 80] Server Full PVP 90 Free 10 Drop Only Costumes Max Lapis lv 7 Create Guild with 2 Players Ep.8 Features Normal Kill x5 Self Party Custome Maps, Weapons, Armors Starter Sets / Accessories / Weapeons / Capes Fixed Skill Bug Fix

Shaiya Untold Information:
Shaiya Untold retraces the best moments of the game, presenting an episode 5.4 in its quality. This server has been developed from lovers of the game and for this guarantee a complete experience: there is to exp for reach pvp levels, have to drop for all needed items, and a very quality pvp that all players always loved without overpoweredfeatures. ------------------------------------------------------------- Episode 5.4 [The Origin of Untold] Max Level: 80 EXP Rate: Instant KILL Rate: x5 [x7 Event] Linking Rate: Max Linking Chance is 100. Lapis: Max Lapis Lv7, Elemental Lapis Lv2 Custom Items, NO Knockout Nostrum, NO Donation for Ending Equipments. 30 Days BuffsPackages. Stable Economy Server: Gold is highly valuable. You can sell or buy any item you desire with it. Shaiya Points: Can be obtained through Vote System, and In-Game at Events or by Donations. Cross Faction Trade: This allow you to trade items with opposite faction in Auction House. Shared Kills on all Raids: Gain same amount of killswith other raids if you are in the same area of PvP. Enhanced Server: Server is hosted in a well known DDoS Protected company. Active and Mature, Friendly Staffs to keep the game safe and enjoyable for everyone. FREE Starter Set [Lv80] and Weapon Lv80 [AH] PvP, Grinding, Farming and Boss Hunting

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