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500+ online. YumiRO - [99-70] [Rates: x100x100x50] [Episode 13.3] [card drop 0.5, boss card drop 0.01] [gepard shield] [midrates] [fast leveling and farming] [bg, woe, pvp, events, achievements, quests] [hats]

YumiRO Information:
YumiRO Information: Max Lvl: 99/70 PRE-RE Mechanic Episode 11.3 Nameless Island Without Satan Morroc. Classic OldSchool EXP [base/job]: 100x/100x DROP [non mvp]: 50x, MVP/boss: 5x Cards: 0.5 [normal], 0.01 [boss] YumiRO is a Midrate Ragnarok Online server with episode 11.3 [Nameless Island], without the crazy things from a newer episode.Because our rates are 100x100x/50x, the gameplay wont be too tedious or too quick either, midrate is the perfect rate for all types of players Since we are using top-notch server infrastructures and security, you can enjoy your play without the worry of bots, cheaters, or unnecessary lags anymore. We have introduced the latest mechanics fixes tomatch the games official episode, thanks to which you will enjoy the gameplay.

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