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Diamond MU NoReset X50 START - JULY 13!

Diamond MU NoReset X50 START - JULY 13
Newcomers Bonus, Unique and Professionally configured, X10 NoReset - X50 Limited - X500 Medium, No WebShop, Decreased Exp Boosts, Monthly Events, Balanced and Adjusted all game contents, Stat Builds, Custom New Jewels, Market, Exclusive Quest System, Less words - Come and check all, Grand Opening

Diamond MU NoReset X50 START - JULY 13 Information:
Who we are MuO Play - Private Mu server for international audience. Fully configured different worlds x5 NonReset, x200 Slow and x1000 Fast for each taste. Created and maintained by professional developers with a passion for Mu. Offering the best content on the top of the best hardware. Using Premium Xteam Season 15 server files. Project isplannedto run longterm. Quality game play and high level support guaranteed. Our goal is to give quality not a quantity so each part of game is carefully considered and planned. We are open 24 / 7 / 365. Players from all over the world Game content Server work on a full latest Season 15 Emulator by Xteam with our custom settings and features. All gameEvents are in a good condition, they work without any serious issues. In addition, for most of our events, top system works just perfectly fine, succeeding in which player will be reward with Credits. Our professional team will be able to fix or change any incorrect thing what can be found and will be reported by players. We appreciate all playerreports and will be happy to answer any question, suggestion or error report. Contacts Info Message us on FB: m.me/MuOnlinePlay

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