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[CLOSED] PW Mirage Private Server

Classic PvE PW server, RIP 2020-2023

[CLOSED] PW Mirage Info:
Perfect World Mirage was started at the end of 2019 by a few players who couldnt find a suitable classic, low-rate, non-p2w server to play on. The existing pw server tools were limited at the time - and they still are today - and so we began creating our own. The idea was to let the players create new content with our tools, so that the server istruly unique and doesnt just die after a few months - like most servers do. The public server was launched in April 2020, and so was the web-based game editor. The server offers the following:
- PW version 1.3.6 - 3 races - 6 classes
- various enhancements to the game, either custom or backported from newer versions,e.g. reduced movement/skill casting lag, instant pet summon, or tab targetting
- x1.75 xp/sp rates - from both mobs and quests - no hyper stones, leveling is a challenge
- 5x coin rates - from both mobs and quests
- everything is farmable, because p2w is evil - theres no cash shop at all
- PvE server - white name is available, but not forced
- start at level 20, in Archosaur
Enjoy the player created content, or create the content yourself. Join us today

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