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DexterMU Season 6 Episode 3 Part 16!

DexterMU Season 6 Episode 3 Part 16
PVP UPDATEDGrand Reset 50 RR,Reward :15k Wcoins,Dynamic XP:200,ML100,Drop 50,Zen Drop 30,With Seal and Party you can get up to 400 XP,Vote Reward,S16,s15 items ,pets and setsVIP Option ,Stats 32767,Premium PVP,Castle Siege on,NewFribies will get 10M zen +5 Bufss +Box of Kundum +5

DexterMU Season 6 Episode 3 Part 16 Information:
IF YOU BRING A FRIEND YOU GET 500 CREDITS Season: 6 Episode Ep 3 DexterMu. Exp: Dynamic 60-80x. Drop: 35. Grand Reset 28 Reward 10k Credites Stats After reset and GR stays Wings items from S14,S15 Items Shop Can Be buyed FO +15 and 5 Sockets Grand Reset SystemGR AT 28 RESETSReward : Credits 10.000Auto Party SystemType In game / Re AutoOffLevelling SystemType In Game /Attack/OffAttack To Activate Vote System

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