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FastWOW PVP - Soloable - 5x EXP!

FastWOW PVP - Soloable - 5x EXP
[Blizzlike PVP][Higher rates][Dungeons downscale to level/group size][Crossfaction PVE][Crossfaction Battlegrounds][Transmogrification][1v1 arenas][Auto spell learning][Solo LFG][100 quests][100 Vanilla/TBC/WOTLK instances][No lag][Anticheat][Auto BackUp][Mobile friendly]

FastWOW PVP - Soloable - 5x EXP Information:
FASTWOW is meant to be played fast and enjoyed fast, in solo, in small groups or in large groups.Level fast, kill fast, craft fast, travel fast... do everything fastServer type: Altered Blizzlike PVPStarting level: 1 Features:- Dungeons and raids automatically downscale to the players level- Dungeons and raids automatically scale to the number of players in a group- Crossfaction battlegrounds- Crossfaction groups- Crossfaction chat / mail- Crossfaction guilds / friends- 1v1 arenas- Transmogrification- Automatically learn spells on level up- All flightpaths known on players creation- Instant flightpaths- Raid reset when the player wants- Beastmaster NPC to allow hunters to tame animals instantly- Reset talents for free - Instant mana/hp regen at the end of a PVP duel- Loot more items from end game bosses- Mobs are faster to kill but they kill you faster too- Mobs are more dangerous in packs but can be avoided more easily- Dungeon Finder enabled for solo players or small groups- Gain experience and useful tokens in PVPRates:- Quest Experience1: 5x- Kill Experience1: 2x- Gold: 2x- Higher Quality Item Drop Chance2: 5x- World Drop Chance3: 6x- Profession Skills: 3x- Arena Points: 3x- Honor: 3x- Reputation: 2xVarious:- Free to play- Blizzlike content 100 working: quests, dungeons, raids, BGs, spells, pets, pathfinding etc...- No lag- Automatic backups- Professional team- Mobile-friendly websiteCheck the website for more information:

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