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Shaiya Blood of Etain EP4.5 Private Server

Ep4.5 Custom features, costumes. X100 EXP Max Lv60. NO P2W. No Donation sets. Everything drops in game. Gold/DP farmable. Classic EP4.5 gameplay, just new content. The BEST, MOST SUSTAINABLE EP4.5 Out right now Dont waste time on those money grabber servers My discord is RagingFire1711

Shaiya Blood of Etain EP4.5 Info:
Shaiya Blood of Etin EP4.5 X60 Exp rate NO P2w Features such as: Custom bosses Custom mounts Classic EP4.5 Game play with updated content Auto loot pickup custom costumes/ weapon costumes DEX/LUC Fix DP/ Kill points system ALL Donation only items purely cosmetic Custom teleport system Enhanced account protection Max lapis 5S/Duals- 5 slot gearon launch Custom bosses Hyperfilter host Everything farmable in game DP/Gold farmable Custom Interface Custom skills Plus, much, much more

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