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Avangard Online!

Avangard Online
Cap 110, Old School, Balaned Skill, Free Silk, Unique drop silkunique spawn evry 30 min Unique drop silk Job skill

Avangard Online Information:
Cap110Skil110RaceChinese and EuropeMasteriesChinese 440, Europeans 220Balanced SkillActiveExp solo35xSp solo45xExp party65xSp party75xItem drop35xGold drop30xGuild Limit25CaptchaNoneMobs level1-110TypePVESlots2000Degree11dgMain townJanganMax plus+12 [+15 with Adv]AdvS MaX+3FortressesJanganForgotten worldActiveHoly water templeActiveBattle arenaActiveMagic popActiveResurrection scrollsActiveAcademyActiveBotAllowedAcademyActiveCapture the flagActivePC Limit10IP Limit10JOB Limit4Fortress Limit1Unique SilkYes.Free SilkYes.

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