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Nirvana Conquer - Classic Server - EU Private Server

A fresh balanced classic server, hosted in EU with medium rates, maximum level is 130, 2RBs, -7dmg, compose +9, original 4 classes , plenty quests / events, custom and dynamic, friendly community, join us today for a real classic experience.

Nirvana Conquer - Classic Server - EU Info:
SERVER INFORMATIONS: Classic style as much as posible and as much as players want 2nd Reborns Only 4 classes, TRO, WAR, ARCH, TAO [WaterFire] Currency is based on GOLD. CPs are used as donation points and can be used to get cosmetics and sent broadcast. CPs cannot be traded and items cannot be sold for CPs. Monsters dmg is set for you to beable to level even if you dont have super +5 items as in other servers since here wont be so easy to make socks and high + [converted from original TQ algorithms] Socket rate is balanced based on players feedback Many events tournaments [Hour, Daily, Weekly] and quests Maximum level is 130 Maximum gear + is +9 There is no FREE VIP. If you Voteyoull get 1 VotePoint and you can exchange 1 VotePoint for 1 hour of VIP. No Battlepower Mine rates Online points exchange for rewards Vote Points exchange for rewards No pay to win [you can donate for CPs which can be exchanged for vip and cosmetic items and some others that will never affect pvp or pve just visual items] We always listen toplayers suggestions and issues We have STG and bless, maximum negative is 7 DMG PLVLer NPC where you can ask for being plvled, if there are active archers and they accept your request you will be automatically teleported in their team. AFK label notifications. Lottery [You can pass in by Lotto Tokens which are dropped by monsters]. Customgarments, weapon cosmetics. Custom skills. Many client improvements: Full Screen [edge to edge], HP Bar, Increased jump area, High FPS [Unlocked it reflects your hardware performance]. Features: Quests: Demon Exterminator, BlueMouse, MoonBox, GreenSnake, AncientDevil, LetterQuest Events: ClassPk, DisCity, ElitePK, FB SS PvP, FastBlade TeamSkill, Last Man Standing, GuildWars, Pole War. VIP INFOS: Non-VIP Players are getting visual notification where the rare item has been dropped also a system message will inform them the exact coordinates of the dropped item. Non-VIP Players are getting 15 of gold dropped directly in their inventory. VIP Features: [VIP Features will be accesed byright clicking on VIP Token from your inventory] Remote Compose, Remote Repair, City Teleport, Hunt Level maps teleport, Show rate Drop rates, Clear Trash items, Able to set Looting options [Skiping mining ores included], Showing Vip remaining time, Show Hide Vip aura and checking online players. Packing Meteors DBs by right clicking on them [ifyou had 10] . Vip Players will get automatically from hunt Meteors, DragonBalls, +1 and +2Stones in VIPWarehouse in market. Vip Players will have 0.5x normal drops on Mets, DBs, +1Stone, +2Stone, Meteor +1. VIP BANK: Can be accesed by non-vip players also. VIP Bank can hold Meteors, +1 Stones, +2 Stones, DragonBalls and TopMoney Bags.

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