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Honor Conquer - Classic - New server!

Honor Conquer - Classic - New server
Classic Server, Max lvl 130, +9, 1rb, Only 4 main classes, low rates, PVE and PVP events,TCGW, SGW, CCGW, Classic Quests, Mining, .etc , Balanced, Custom Client, High FPS, Low Ping, Full Screen, HPBAR, Weapon Cosmetics, Duel Arena, Free Unlimited VIP, Friendly Staff, Max -5 DMG - Fresh Server

Honor Conquer - Classic - New server Information:
SERVER INFORMATIONS: Classic style as much as posible and as much as players want Only 1 reborn. Second reborn can be added if players will want and need it at some point, to be decided by what the majority of players want to Only 5 classes, tro, war, arch, fire, water Monsters dmg is set for you to be able to lvl even if you dont havesuper plus 5 items as in other servers since here wont be so easy to make socks and high plus converted from original TQ attacks Socket rate is balanced based on players feedback .You wont see ppl running to fast in 2s as in most of the servers Many events , tournaments like Hour , Daily , Weekly and quests you can read about on our website wikimore will be added Duel arena with chain counts effects Maximum level is 130 Maximum gear plus is 9 No battlepower active No plus Stones No CPS Mine rates Vote points exchange for rewards Online points exchange for rewards No pay to win you can donate only for vip and cosmething things and some other things that will never affect pvp or pve justvisual things We always listen to players suggestions and issues We have STG and bless, maximum negative is minus 5 DMG

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