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Silkroad Royale Private Server

Innovative systems - Battle royale mode and more - If you are looking a longterm server join Silkroad royale today - There is 2 different cap server on one client - For 90 cap lovers can choose Ares - For 110 cap lovers can choose Babel

Silkroad Royale Info:
Silkroad Royale Extremly real fantasy world with real story, legend and myth.In line with the expectations and needs of our players, we are a team aiming to offer a long-term game adventure and to become the quality server of the future with great services. With our dynamic gaming model, innovative events and our pioneering server where best systems are integrated, we want to make a difference and leave a mark on the lives of Silkroad players. In order to be a game that everyone and every generation likes and plays over time ,we bring Silkroad Royale to you as a result of our long work in order to provide an almost non-edit, high quality game.Our primary goal is to offer a simple and play2win Silkroad adventure without changing the 80 Cap Europe / China authenticity as much as possible. We are in favor of the fact that the game must be difficult to be long-term and that none of the edits contrary to the nature of the game are added. If we need to explain our understanding of the game, it is the most important thing for us to provide a more stable, slowly progressive and entertaining game experience instead of offering a game that is constantly running and consuming fast. Of course, this does not mean that there will be a game where you will only be botting 24/7. We will have events like the new Battle Royale that runs smoothly, completely tasted and completely stable, and that doesnt have the rewards to disrupt the balance of the game. Always forcing our players to participate in an event and as a result leaving them unable to get valuable things , does not fit of our game style. Starting from this, the activities will not kill the balance of the game, but will also increase the fun.sro-rsro-r/discord

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