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Xanthus Ultimate Private Server

MAX LVL 165 / NS 70 lvl / NS SUBCLASSES / Custom account system / Custom skills / Best warehouse / Playable Elementalist / Custom RAIDS / Multiclient / Anti-bot systems / Premium items in-game

Xanthus Ultimate Info:
Over 7 years of operation EXP: x1 SP: x1 No free skills GOLD: x1 DROP: x1 PET: x2 UPGRADE: Low rate, max +20 CASH: Voting, Cash and many items from IS available in-game COOLDOWN: New system, fixed debuffs time JEWELS: Max 15 lvl, reduced HP values ELEMENTS: Only 1 lvl, also affect skills Lots of changes to character skills tobring some strategy to the game Night Shadow subclasses - Sower of Death and Masterminder Playable Elementalist Multiclient up to 3 game windows Custom account system

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