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Asatru l Only CH l Cap 100 l Low Rates Private Server

Asatru l Only CH l Cap 100 l Low Rates l Cap 100 update 26.06.22 Experience Labor

Asatru l Only CH l Cap 100 l Low Rates Info:
Asatru Cap 60 Full Server Inforamtion Start Cap 60 Race Chinese Mastery 300 Experience rate 1x Party experience rate 1.5x Skill points rate 1x Items drop rate 1x Gold drop rate 1x Trade goods rate 1x Alchemy rate 1x Battle arena Enabled Capture the flag Enabled Fortress War Jangan Closed Fortress War BanditClosed Fortress War Hotan Enable Fortress Tax Every Town 3 Forgotten World Enabled [Cap 80+] Honor Academy Enabled Advanced elixirs Available Automatic events Available Oldschool interface Available Mercenary Available Party Monster Available Stallnetwork: Available Magic Pop Disabled Auto equipment Disabled New Quest Hotan Storage: AvailableFilter Information: VPN Detect Available VMWare Detect Available Bot Detect Available Bot Allow Job Disabled Bot Allow Trace Disabled Bot Allow Alchemy Disabled Guild Limit 15 Union Limit 2 HWID Limit 2 IP Limit 4 Max plus 12 Restart Button Disabled Exit Delay 60 Sec Exchange Delay 30 Sec Global Delay 5 Sec Fortress Tax Change Disabled AFKDetection Available DC AFK Player in BA Available

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