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Multima Season X Private Server

Multima X is a SphereX Free Shard with custom Leveling+Experience System, Balanced PvP, 3 Classes, 4 Races, Golden Invasion, Upgradable Equip, New Crafting System, Elemental Engine, Pets Valley, custom quests, Guild Exp, Skills Tree, Active Gathering, Soccer System and much more

Multima Season X Info:
Multima Season X
A Sphere-X Ultima Online Shard
Multima X is a multiplayer online MMORPG and an unofficial server of Ultima Online completely closer to modern MMORPGs, thanks to the new game systems developed exclusively for the X version you will find yourself in a totally new world both from the PvM side and from thePvP side. You will also find: Custom Leveling amp Experience system, custom monster drop, over 50 quests, 2 bonus quests, pets events, online leaderboards, fishing quests, innovative and exclusive Craft Machine with ComboCraft to combine items, active gathering, monster invasions gold, Pink Rabbits invasion, Treasure Events, Pets Valleywith new Taming System, weapon and armor upgrades, elemental engine, level dungeons, customizable houses, guild exp and reward system, maritime events, new Skills panel, PG Center, travel, Skills Tree, new level-based stats management system, innovative in-game E-Commerce Style store, new vendor system, Box of Darkness, Soccer System and muchmore
Custom Leveling System
We have a custom leveling system developed exclusively for Multima Season X that works as a modern MMORPG, every time you do a level up you unlock stat points, quest and dungeons access.
Custom Experience System
The gaining of experience points in order to level up has been re-built in order to offer abetter performance during the PvM, party-experience, pet-experience, summon-experience are also available and balanced.
Elemental Engine
Everything is based on the new elemental engine, 5 different resistance that operate in different ways during PvM or PvP. In order to increase your resistance you need to upgrade your armors with specialjewels that you can find in monsters and bosses. In order to activate Critical Damage you need to upgrade your weapons with special jewels.
Craft Machine
One of the most important system implemented in this version is the new crafting system that we called Craft Machine, everything under your control during the craft and during the itemschecking. And much more.. Join our community, discover a new Ultima Online world but with the same nostalgia that we know.

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