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Shaiya Legends!

Shaiya Legends
We are currently rebuilding the server with up to date ep7 custom features.Stay tuned to our discord fore more info. Have more questions My discord is Master Duyo5708

Shaiya Legends Information:
Shaiya Legends is an american owned, DDoS protected server. Ep 5.4 Kill x1 Exp x100 We have great support system for newbies, free gear and lapises that help you get yourself maxed Are you ready to face off against fearsome dragons, seductive succubi or terrifying demons Party with just a couple of close friends or form a massive 150 person raid to take on the greatest challenges that Legends has to offerDefeat other players to advance in rank and work your way up the faction hierarchy. Make a guild. Join a guild. Taunt the other guilds. Life is grand when you have friends to share it with. Hang out casually, face off against some fantastic foes, or help that guild make a name for itself in the guild ranking battles. Get a guild house and customize your experience.

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