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Yolo Rohan - Aesir Private Server

9/17 AESIR High Population Server. Most advanced server in Rohan. Veteran devs w/ 10+ years, Monthly big updates, Most balanced classes, Play to win, Daily events, Daily pvp, big community, join us

Yolo Rohan - Aesir Info:
Yolo Rohan Private Server Trinity, Aesir, All content, classic like server for Rohan Online mmorpg, Nostalgia old school mmorpg based on 8 classes which dual into two split sub classes includes: Humans, Elf, Half-Elf, Dark Elf, Dhan, Dekan, Giant, Trinity, Aesir which sub into Guardian, Defender, Ranger, Scout, Templar, Priest, Wizard, Warlock,Avenger, Predator, Savage, Berserker, Rumir, Noir, Embla, Whisperer sub classes. Come and try out the best server of Rohan Online MMORPG with an experienced staff of over 6+ years of experience with start of Genesis Rohan Private Server which lasted 1.5 year, Into Yolo 1 Rohan Private Server which ran for 2.5 years, then Yolo 2 Rohan PrivateServer which lasted for 3 years and now we present our Yolo 3 Rohan Private Server with huge hype around its release and our most anticipated upcoming release of Aesir. Come and join our big community

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