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RF BANANA AOP 24/7Open since August 2020 Private Server

EXP x7[x10], 60 lvl cap. Soon update with 70 and 80 lvl cap. Already 1 year stable online 24/7, 144 FPS, Autoloot, Autotarget, PVE locations, EXP drop. One of best solo and party PVE gameplay, enjoy nostalgia. No pay-to-win

RF BANANA AOP 24/7Open since August 2020 Info:
RF BANANA SERVER FEATURESSERVER RATES: Level cap: 55 Experience: x3 [x5 with 5 exp jades] PT: GM Skills / Magic: x10 Animus: x5 Drop Rate: Unique System Loot price: Banana - 5000 racial currency [also Banana is a potion for all races 4000 HP], Golden Banana - 25 platinum, Frozen banana - 15.000 racial currency, Banana Cluster - 500.000 racial currency Loot selection speed: Autoloot system Ore Mining: x5WHEN CREATED, CHARACTER GETS: Premium sword [+1.5 movement speed] Potions sets 2000hp / 1000fp / 400sp 5 inventory bags Weapon on selected class, dmg equal 10 lvl intense weaponIn any MMORPG/RPG game, the damage/protection/skills/magic characteristics of player and non-player characters, embedded in the program code, have a great influence on the gameplay. Initially, RF Banana was launched with the classic balance created by CCR, but later it was discovered that ways to get equipment and change various aspects ruined this balance. In this regard, a lot of work was done to improve the balance of the game, carefully tested by the administration, and later by hundreds of players within six months from the moment the changes were introduced.MISCELLANEOUS: Friendly administration Support gain to players on any worldwide language Server gain well ping on any worldwide region Client languages: English, Russian On client installed autoupdater International server. Xenophobia not banned Nicknames available only in English letters or digits Working VotePoint and VoteShop in GameCP VotePoint gain every 12-24 hours per vote on 4 most hype mmorpg tops for server RF Banana Available to vote for 3 accounts VotePoint available to buy in any currency by donate payment to project In GameCP you can: change character gender, buy jades for exp +15 [x5 - 75], jade for loot +100, jade for lvl[3 max], Charm medal 30 days, golden siegekits 30/45/53 lvl In GameCP you can: change VotePoints to Gold [1 VP - 5 Gold] Prohibited abuse by changing VotePoints to Gold on more than 1 account All players can see Chip HP during CW Generators and charms stackable Increase time getting for finish dungeon gate to 720 seconds [from 21-25 to 41-50] HMS available to drop on ground 57 relic weapon unavailable to trade/bank/drop Strategy Zoom: Available DualLogin [restriction of client windows number - 3]: Available Mail and auction: Available Cross-Class [Xclass]: Available Hero class change times: No restriction Players inside MAU have experience. Exp jades not working MAU generators power increased No blessing MAU No classical loot on all monsters No Council armors No gold profit for selling T1 gems to Npc No resourses for craft and for palmas equipment from ore No resourses for palmas equipment from dungeons No Official CCR starting weapon No in shop upgraders No premium accounts No premium boxes No double doping potionsNo in-characters teleports No resurrection potions The duration of the effect Radiation by death against nuclear bomb decreased by 10 times. Removed lvl-up tech-paimon above level 7. The reason - paimon and tech-paimon at RF Banana has an unbreakable agro, and specialist can use it for not fair solo farm PitBosses. So they havent tech-paimon. Descrease monster respawn time: Red Haired Splinter, Lizard, Black sign commander, Aizen infantries, Narum Captain, Kukra Vafer Captain and Cremul Snatcher Captain. Added new monster respawn: Black sign commanders in medicallab, some elfs and huge beacon in elven lands Upgrade rate +4 no break [safe] Type N/B/C / +5 default Official CCR / 6 hands unavailable Possible to upgrade equipment Type N/B/C by +6 using upgraders. Modifiers for weapons and armor are getting from Pit Bosses and Gem Mastery Recycling boxes [rare ore final box]. Upgrade rate +4 no break [safe] Type Relic/Leon / +5 default Official CCR / 6 unavailableREQUIREMENT REQUEST ARCHON: Default CCRARCHON COUNCIL VOTE REQUIREMENT: 1 week - Level 47 2-3 week - Level 50 4+ week - Level 53CHANGES ON GAME WORLD:Drop from monsters [automatically falls into inventory when monster dies]: HQ Location - 1-5 banana, dungeon keys 21-25 and 26-30 Colonies - 7-25 banana, dungeon keys 21-25, 26-30, 31-35 and 36-40 Sette - 15 banana, elite force, isis, dungeon keys 31-35 and 36-40 Ether - 4-15 frozen banana, quest cards, elemental jewelry, dungeon keys 31-35, 36-40 and 41-50 Cauldron - 5-15 rare ore, elemental jewelry, dungeon keys 41-50 Elan - 5-25 banana, elemental jewelry, dungeon keys 41-50 and 46-55 Beast mountains - 2-15 rare ore, 1-5 coarse crystals, golden banana, elemental jewelry, 50-55 lvl intense equipment, dungeon keys 46-55 Medical Lab - 20-25 banana, elemental jewelry, key in dungeon 46-55 Exile Land - 20-30 banana, golden banana, elemental jewelry, 2-15 rare ore, 1-5 coarse crystals, 50-55 lvl intense equipment, dungeon keys 46-55 Land of the elves - 5-15 coarse crystals, 55 lvl intense equipment Crag mines - 3-15 mining ore +3, HMSDrop from the Pit Bosses [rises from the ground]: HQ Location and Colonies - golden bananas, upgraders, elemental jewelry, overperf elemental jewelry, any kind of talic, T2, T3 gems, 45-50 lvl intense equipment, UMT Belphegor and Caliana Princess - golden bananas, T4 gems, Sparkling gems, 55 lvl type C weapon Scuds and Worms - golden bananas, temporary elven weapon [4 hours] Elan [except Sinder, Dagon, Dagan, Dagnu] - golden bananas, upgraders, 55 lvl type C weapon, elemental jewelry, overperf elemental jewelry, T4 gems, any kind of talic, UMT Sinder - golden bananas, upgraders, 55 lvl type C weapon, elemental jewelry, overperf elemental jewelry, T4, T5 gems, UMT Dagon, Dagan, Dagnu - golden bananas, upgraders, Brother elementals, T4, T5, T6 gems, UMT Isen the Destroyer and Thor - golden bananas, upgraders, relic weapons, elemental jewelry, overperf elemental jewelry, T4, T5, T6 gems, UMT Terminal / Chip - UMT, 50-55 lvl type C weapon, Sparkling gems, banana clusters Palm tree - golden bananas, banana clusters [unique pitboss auto-event RF Banana, revival time 2 hours, revival place at the exit of the General Staff near ticketer/flems, accompanied by an announcement message in game chat, looting is available to all players, no matter who kill]Assortment of NPC: Banker - removed the exchange racial currency for gold Gatekeeper - sell all dungeon keys Mau merchant - 2 classic MAU keys and 2 unique MAU RF Banana keys Movement coordinator [HQ] - teleport in Ether shipyard, teleport in Beast mountains and Exile Land, all types generators for 2 days Teleport [NPC near the lower teleport] - teleports to all highlvl pitbosses, starting with Caliana Princess Gold Shop [NPC near the upper teleport] - shop dopings, shop ammo [including launcher, flamethrower and grenade ammo], t4 stones, experience [5 max] and lvl [3 max] jades 24 hours, HDH elementals 6 hours, socket extenders for Type B / Type C Ore npc - UMT battery, all classic loot [from cling to beam], excelsiar pieces, solid excelsiar a b c, resources from orecut Rare Armor Merchant - 35-53 intense armor Rare Shield Merchant - 35-55 intense shields Rare Weapon Merchant - 35-50 intense weapons [with hora launcher] Rare tools npc bcc/ccc - level 45 turret, teleport to elan, radars, potions 2000 FP and 800 SP Rare tools npc acc - level 45 turret, teleport to elan, radars, potions 2000 FP and 800 SP, 50/55 classic siegekits, 30/45/53 golden unique siegekits RF Banana Supplier of the territory of the war - key to land of elves Alchemists in HQ and Outpost - 3000hp, 1500fp, 800sp potions Ticketer [Ether shipyard] - teleport to colonies pitboss The military supplier on Elan - 50 turrets, 45-50 mines Merchant on exile land - turrets 50-55, mines 50-55, potions FP and SP Golden pigs - trade button reworked into spawn button Other NPC - default CCROther NPC changes: Gold Shop - added a button exchange 99 bananas to 1 Banana cluster Storekeeper - added 2 buttons for exchanging rare ore: 20 rare ore - Glowing crafted ore, 99 rare ore - Sparkling gem. Changed the exchange price of rare ore: 4 rare ore - coarse crystals NPC Gem collector - added 4 buttons for exchanging T1 gems: 99 any T1 gems - medal 900,000 racial currency medal NPC Stove - located in the center of the Eter. Added a button exchange 33 frozen bananas to box of 99 bananas. NPC Elemental jewelry - located between teleporters in center of HQ. Added 6 exchange buttons: 10 banana clusters and 5 talics for elementary jewelry low quality. Keen talics for attack ability, Favor talics for defence ability, Mercy talics for dodge ability. 1 talic type for jewelry with one ability, both types of talics for jewelry with two abilities.Dungeon Rewards: Dungeon 21-25 - type C weapon 25[30], 1 talic Keen/favor/mercy/grace Dungeon 26-30 - type C weapon 30[35], 3 talics Dungeon 31-35 - type C weapon 35[40], 3 talics, 2 golden bananas, 5 coarse crystals Dungeon 36-40 - type C weapon 40[45], 3 talics, 2 golden bananas, 5 coarse crystals, key in dungeon 41-50 Dungeon 41-50 - type C weapon 45[50], 3 talics, 5 golden bananas, 10 coarse crystals, key in dungeon 41-50, key in dungeon 46-55 Dungeon 46-55 - type C weapon 50[55], 5 talics, 8 golden bananas, 5 polished crystals, 5 T3 gems, key in dungeon 46-55Mining ore cut reward +1 +2 +3 Any kind of talic T1, T2, T3 gemsGem Collector Boxes:Masters small gift: Banana Golden banana Any kind of talic 3 T2 gems Relic seal 45 int weaponsMiddle box master: 33 Bananas Golden Banana 5 any kind of talics Relic seal 50 intense weaponBig box of the master: Empty big box 3 golden bananas 5 talics of Keen/favor/grace/mercy Relic seal Shining relic seal 55 intense weapon Gems T5 setRecycling box [50 empty large boxes] 50 golden bananas Relic weapon 100 relic seal Shining relic seal Weapon and armor upgraders Gems T5, T6 setResource Combinations:10 banana clusters + HQ map - 99 NPC combination pager [use to open combination table at any point in any location]10 golden bananas + HQ map - 99 NPC trade pager [use to open the Rare tools NPC purchase window or sale window at any point in any location]99 bananas + 99 bananas + 99 bananas + 99 bananas + 99 bananas - 5 banana clustersCombinations for improvement equipment: Recipes for creating armor type C [level requirements are reduced by 2 levels, a property is added, the complexity of sharpening does not change]:The property of the armor part received depends on the type of talic: Keen talic - property +5 damage, Favor talic - property +15 defense, Destruction talic - property +4 vampiric absorb, Restoration talic - property +7 hp, Chaos talic - property +8 critical chanceCreate 37 [39], 39 [41], 41 [43] armor:39/41/43 type B armor part + 99 bananas + talic - 37 [39] / 39 [41] / 41 [43] type C armor partCreate 43 [45], 45 [47], 48 [50] armor:45/47/50 type B part of the armor + 99 frozen bananas + 5 gold bananas + 3 talics - 43 [45] / 45 [47] / 48 [50] type C part of the armorCreate 51 [53] armor:53 type B armor part + 20 gold bananas + 10 talic + 1 guild tournament token - 51 [53] type C armor partRecipes for modifying relict weapons:Sealed 50lvl relic weapon + any relic seal - unsealed 45lvl relic weaponUnsealed 45lvl relic weapon + 99 Keen talic + 99 golden bananas + 99 golden bananas + 300.000.000 race curency - 57lvl relic weapon [blue grade]57lvl relic weapon [blue grade] + 20 golden bananas + 99 banana clusters + 99 banana clusters + 200.000.000 race curency - 57lvl relic weapon [green grade]57lvl relic weapon [green grade] + 30 Keen talic + 100.000.000 race curency - 57lvl relic weapon 5 socket [orange grade, enchant to +4 cannot destroy weapon]Recipes for modifying leon weapons:50lvl Leon weapon + 99 golden bananas + 99 golden bananas + 99 Keen talic + 200.000.000 race curency - 55lvl Leon weapon [green grade]55lvl Leon weapon + 50 golden bananas - 55lvl Leon weapon 5 socket [orange grade, enchant +4 cannot destroy weapon]Recipes for sharpening equipment with modifiers:Improvement upgraders - the chance of enchant is reduced for minimum value, the chance of enchant is raised from the Korean bottom for maximum value.

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