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Infinity Nest Private Server

Our motto is [Create what DN should have been] - We are a Legacy Dragon Nest Server - Lv.70+ Cap [Start your character around Lv. 48] Free Starter Packs - Tons of unique features not seen anywhere else - Come Join Us Today

Infinity Nest Info:
Hello and welcome to Infinity Nest, one of the best and longest operating private servers for Dragon Nest.As a private server, Infinity Nest provides a plethora of new, unique features that our competitors will not be able to match.Below is a short breakdown of some of our main features:Permanent 250x EXP per monster killDynamic 10x gold and 25x drop ratesCustom Infinity Nest Starter Package for new characters[FREE] Cosmetics and other goodies, just for playing the game and being activeLevel 70 CapCustom NPCsCustom exchanges, crafts, and shopsAll characters and classes up to the last patch of Official 70 cap.Custom Infinity Nest itemsCustom enhancement rates- From +0 to +8, the success rate is 100- +9-13 is slightly similar to the current official ratesExperienced and dedicated Staff members- The current list of staff members and contact information about them can be found on our ForumsExperienced server hosting and management

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