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TBC5MAN-5 Man Raids-No1 TBC Instant 70 Private Server

[INSTANT 70][FRESH][Completely Scripted][Crossfaction PVE/PVP/AH][AH Bot][NoLag/No Crashes][Blizz-like X1 Aside from 10x Professions instant 300 skill, 3x Rep, Instant Weapon Skill, Alt-Friendly-4 Rare Drops From Pre-Raid Dungeon Bosses]+MORE

TBC5MAN-5 Man Raids-No1 TBC Instant 70 Info:
A World of Warcraft private server in The Burning Crusade Warcraft wow expansion. Raid are scaled to 5 man and there is no leveling, people start at instant 70. Raids are scripted and so are dungeons. All raids have been scaled to a 5 man party composition. The bosses are scripted to be blizz-like, however in a small number of cases thescript/spells are tweaked for a 5man setup. A good example is mass mind control abilities or bosses that spawn a lot of adds which originally would have been intended for 4 tanks. There is no pay to win or donation shop.

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