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Spirit FlyFF [stable and caring - 2018]!

Spirit FlyFF [stable and caring - 2018]
Spirit FlyFF 2.0 is ran by staff and players who are tired of being treated badly by staff and owners on other servers, tired of our favorite servers closing down. Players and staff are here to create their dream server together. A classic experience with an old school playstyle and many customs

Spirit FlyFF [stable and caring - 2018] Information:
WELCOME TO SPIRIT FLYFF 2.0 Come and join us on a Epic New Adventure, in three easy steps. Step One: Register Your Account Step Two: Download Client Step Three: Join Our Discord Community Spirit FlyFF is a progressive mid-rate server with quality modifications to provide you the best gameplay possible. Server Information EXP: x80 DROP: CustomPenya: Custom Max level: Level 200 Max Rebirth System: 5 [for now] Classic old school flyff experience with amazing new features and modifications that will enhance our gaming experience. Our current server features Skill tooltips DPS Meter System Item Recycle System Anarchy System Donate Items Ingame Farmable through Red Chips, Spirit Coins andCollectorfield Exchanges Useful Collectorfield [Possible Exchanges in Upgrade Scrolls/Saisonal] Fashion/Power Ups/ Statted Masks and Cloaks [Even Dragon King Masks/Cloaks] LOW CPU Mode Item Wiki Monster Wiki Dungeon Wiki Very good Class Balance Reworked Dungeons Reworked Skills Reworked Sets Reworked Weapons [Mix between v15 and v19] Reawakewithout Reversions World Teleporter Pet Filter Party Finder R/12 Cards Many Events Active Staff Team Guaranted Upgrade after a certain Amount of failed Attempts in Upgrading. [Means as example after 2x Failed from +2 to +3 youll get a 100 Upgradechance on the 3rd Try] Switchable Instance Tickets [Means you Spawn on the Point where you standingright now but on another Channel] Automatically Leveling Pets [standing afk in Citys but Pets are also gain Experience from your Monster Kills] Weapon Level System [Max Level 50] Offline Angel Vendors nExpUpStop command Party is Solo levelable Guild Buff System Buff-Pet Transmute /nBuff command amp much more Guild siege Thursday: 5 pm servertime Friday, Saturday, Sunday: 4 pm server time FFA Free For All - Daily JOIN OUR COMMUNITY, BE PART OF THE ADVENTURE

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