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AlternateUO - PvE/PvP Shard - since 2018 Private Server

Unique and custom, fresh PvE/PvP shard. High skill/stat caps, tons of new fully unique systems. Dedicated development and staff. Welcome

AlternateUO - PvE/PvP Shard - since 2018 Info:
Basic info Alternate UO is a relatively new, custom-era shard. We value unique, fresh and innovative systems over all else. We do however stay true to the core mechanics of Ultima Online. Combat is considered a general practice on AlternateUO. We aim to provide a balanced player vs player combat environment, while also making sure there issufficient challenge and reward in battling NPCs. Apart from that, we have several systems put in place that assures great player convenience, be it in inter-player communication or the ease of handling of all our custom features. Shard IP: origin.alternateuo Shard Port: 2597 -and-join-in/ Discord:

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