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Nightshade Forsaken World Private Server

Nightshade Forsaken World - NEW, HOT, FREE-TO-PLAY / Dysils Wrath / PvE + PvP Realms / All Instances / Revamped Instances / World Bosses / 10x Quest EXP / 10x Monster EXP / 150,000 Leaves Daily / Active Players + Guilds / Working Bases / Growing Economy / Custom Items + More

Nightshade Forsaken World Info:
Nightshade Forsaken World is a brand new Dysils Wrath server with both PvE and PvP Realms. Our mission is to maintain a completely free-to-play server offering custom content including items, fashion, mounts and instances. Over time, new content will be released. Although, we are adamant about not making any changes that break the basic mechanic of the game.Our standard 10x EXP multiplier means you wont have to grind so hard to hit max level on your characters. We accept donations and reward donators well. However we also want to allow people to earn their advancement with effort. This will help promote a healthy in-game economy and make our server more enjoyable for everyone.Once you have leveled your character to Lv75, we have a revamped Fort Rotulor instance that drops Hero 2 gear as well as Flame Crystal and Elemental Star Essence. So you can finally get those gold gears youve always wanted. That plus moreLike meeting new, like-minded people Weve got players from all over the World.So come play with us at Nightshade and find out what youve been missing

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