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EG Shaiya - Episode 8 - EterniaGames Private Server

EG Shaiya is the first and only fully working Episode 8 private server. Now with a new Monk/Druid panda class Come and test it out

EG Shaiya - Episode 8 - EterniaGames Info:
Information: - The first and only working Episode 8 private server - New Monk/Druid panda class - New exclusive pvp/pve maps. - Seasonal events with new questlines and bosses. - Different quests to unique wings. - Custom bosses AI for more diversity and fun. - Warmodes You can switch your character to different level tiers with differentequipment for each one. - Custom relic skills you can equip to have fun variations. And much more Come and discover what we can offer If you would like to join, please click on the following links: EG Shaiya EP8 Website: EG Shaiya Staff

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