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MasterWoW [Legacy] Fun/Haste 3.3.5 Private Server

MasterWoW [LEGACY] has been in operation since 2017. Its a custom PvPvE Haste and Fun server that offers a wealth of content. Similar to old servers such as Eternion-WoW, Sunset, and Mond-WoW, it is based on WOTLK 3.3.5a.

MasterWoW [Legacy] Fun/Haste 3.3.5 Info:
Every Class Features Health Stealing with Hits, Custom and Upgradeable Items, Balanced Classes Across the Board, Experience Fast Attack Speed Plus Haste, Options for Farming, Solo Play, Raids, and Group Activities, Haste Rating x3, Spell Power x3, Ranged Attack Power x2, Earn Free Rewards Daily: 5 Hours of Play, Kills, DuelWins, Friend Recruitment, and Voting, All Races Can Play All Classes, Weekly Updates, Featuring 3.3.5a, 100 Level Cap, Custom Quests, Custom Mall, and Custom Bosses.

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