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AnarchyMu Season 6!

AnarchyMu Season 6
GRAND OPENING 19.03.2021 20:00 UTC+2Version: Season 6 Experience: 50x Drop rate: 45Max resets : 80 rr NO WEB SHOP

AnarchyMu Season 6 Information:
3 Episode 1.Exp: Dynamic 60-35x. Dynamic ExpDrop: 45.Gameplay: 55 rr MAX 2 Grand resets System- 1 for the begining.Points after reset: 500Max Level: 400.Max Item Level: 13.Max Add on Items: 28.NON PVP Maps: Losttower, Aida.Feather Crest - Drop only in Icarus.Party Exp System.Guild System: No alliances - Max 30 players in a guild for normal classes and max 40 players in guild for DL-GM.Elf Soldier Buff: Max Level 220.Max ACC/IP+HWID: 10.Reconnect system fully working.Level for DL,MG: 220 / 250 or 150/100/1 with VIP.Market: ON.WebShop/VIP-Server: OFF.OFF-Attack: VIP-Only.

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