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Exp rates team x15 weekdays x25 weekends Drop rate x50 Rep x4 lvl cap 140 Free To Play We are open Live Now so please come and Join us, We are Waiting for you SMKF with Crypt lvl60-lvl140.. as long as we are 2nd on top 100 rates stay up

DarkAngelsPlayGround Information:
Hello, Welcome To DarkAngelsPlayGroundLong ago there was a brave warrior named DarkAngel , that fought the war against Evil with the help of Angelus one of the darkest Angels that ever lived and the Almighty Zeus. They fought Hades The King of and drove him back down into the Depths of the Underworld. And now our brave warrior DarkAngel has passed on to join the Almighty Zeus in the land of kings, Word has spread through out the world that DarkAngel is missing and Hades is once again trying to rise up from the depths of to take over the world, parts of the world has already been taken.. We call out to all the brave warriors, to come and send Hades back to the depths of once and for all so we may rest once again. Who among you Believe you are strong enough to defeat the King Of Underworld Hades, who will be our next brave warrior We waiting for you

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