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x1000 Season 6 Plus MAX - Just opened Private Server

Season 6 Episode FINAL / X1000 / HD client / Ingame Market / 750 Craft Mix / 7 Quest Systems / 5000 Quests / 80 Bosses / 32 New Map / 13 Dungeons / 40 Events / Muun / 12 Lvl Wings / Achievements System in game / 15 New valutes / Zen and jewel economy / Configured Events, Spots, Zen Drop / 8 YEARS

x1000 Season 6 Plus MAX - Just opened Info:
We present you a fantastic custom version of season 6 Unique idea, own history of the continent of MU One of a kind FullHD 3D camera. New sets, new types and subspecies of things, weapons and wings with the ability to increase options. Multi-level system of ANCIENT and EXCELLENT things. Craft of new fenrirs, pets. Unique CRAFT PROFESSIONS Nowhere in the world will you find this New unique currencies: Goblin Points, Honor New cards Completely redrawn maps of the capital of the continent. Event location CRAFT location Unique GAME MENU Reset, VIP accounts, class change, offekhp, offtrade Unique System ANTI-CLASSES One of a kind Each class is strong in its own way, there is no one dominant A huge number of new EVENTs An incredible amount of BOSS A huge subworld - DUNGEONS A unique system of mass raids in dungeons The most advanced QUESTUM SYSTEM of its kind A huge number of ways to earn game currencies Full support SUPPORT, we are ready to help you around the clockHurry to us This you will not see anywhere else

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