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Bifrost: Instant PvP RvR Private Server

Instant 50 Server with 6 new custom classes, 100+ new armor and weapons, all TOA, labby and dragon/dragonslayer items, Custom artifacts and craftable armor. 24/7 uptime and updates every week. Jump into the action with your friends and dominate the battlefield

Bifrost: Instant PvP RvR Info:
DAoC Bifrost is designed to give players all the old school feeling of classic daoc while applying new content to game server to allow more diversity and action within pvp/rvr. As dark age of camelots number one private server its important to keep content and patches up to date unlike daoc live normally does. Bifrostgaming provides the best private game servers for daoc, gta: sa and UO. So you know you are in good hands when it comes to bifrostgaming. All of our technologies are powered by bifrost technologies via solar power. At the same time providing players with the best private servers while developing renewal energy for the environment. All the best content from artifacts to big dragon bosses we have it all. Bifrost A new world has a custom vip island system for custom housing/faction wars.

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