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WOI Mystical - XP/Drops x100 LC Faith Private Server

Legendary Crusade Patch With Faith EXP DROP 100x 2500 Zen Every Hour Friendly staff WELCOME

WOI Mystical - XP/Drops x100 LC Faith Info:
Welcome to WOI Mystical, A Legendary Crusade WOI server whose management truly care about the players.General Server Information:Patch: Legendary Crusade with faithFriendly and Experienced StaffRates: x100 EXPx100 Drops2500 free zen every online hourMystical Specials:Vote for monthly rewards, the top 10 voters will get epic prizes.GM Events - pvp, pve and general communityCreate your own game, game development suggestions from players will have great influenceLevel up your crafting skills quickly.Forget about experience exhaust or focus melding exhaustionIncrease your power using the Book of Awakening, no matter which class you areGet a free LV90 set of Soul Gear from Elora, even on your main lineagePVP without a care in Cronos Court, it is a red zoneDont struggle with combining LV2 gem chests. Buy your LV4 Gems straight from WinstonWant the nobility titles, now now now Help new players out with instances and buy your exploit and penance souls in the alms market30 000 alms for Exploit and Legion funds, 5 000 alms per Penance Soul.Make sure you stay online and you might even want to consider donating Using zen will allow you to get higher level gems faster, LV6 and Super Gem Talismans in credit shop

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