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OldSquad - Inception 25x - Exp Boosts!

OldSquad - Inception 25x - Exp Boosts
High Newbies EXP Boosts, Season 6 Ep. OldSquad, Hard Style, Max 35 Resets, Dyn. 15-25x, No EEs Needed, Real Play2Win, Great Economy System, No Web-Shop/Cash-Shop/VIP-Server, Max 2 Acc/IP, Big Community, Actions speak for us not words [Make MU Great Again]

OldSquad - Inception 25x - Exp Boosts Information:
Season: 6 Episode OldSquad. Exp: Dynamic Exp [5-15x] - starts with very low exp and goes to higher exp as game progress. Note: Mobs on spots also gets higher as game progress. Example: Low maps have 4 mobs on spots, high maps have 7-8 mobs on spots. Newbies boosts including expboosts, damage/deff buffs, drop buffs. Note: Newbies boosts are added as game progress, never from start. Gameplay: Non-Reset + 5 resets that can be unlocked by finishing 15 End-Game Quests. Master EXP: Dynamic 1-3x - starts low amp goes higher amp lower as you advance in Master Levels. MaxMaster Level: 230. Drop: 20. Max Add on Items: 28. Party Exp System: Solo 100, 2 Players 103, 3 Players 105, 4 Players 107, 5 Players 110. Perfect Party +5 exp. All events working with nice rewards and adjusted difficulties [amp custom additions]. GuildSystem: Maximum 20 players in a guild for normal classes and maximum 25 players for DL-GM. Note: Level needed to create a guild is 150. Alliance System: Maximum 2 guilds in an alliance. Note: Only main guild can join the Castle Siege Event Elf Soldier Buff: Up to level 200 [or higherwith VIP]. Limited Connections: Maximum of 2 accounts on same IP/HWID. Note: Energy Elves are removed from gameplay so you can have 1 main + 1 alt/farmer. Shops for a low exp server. Limited HP amp Mana stacks: Maximum of 9 HP [Large] pots stack and 30 Mana [Large] pots stack [for PvP andPvM experience]. DL, MG, RF Creation Level: Level 150 [or Level 1 with VIP]. Reconnect System fully working. Play2Win System: No Web-Shop, no Cash-Shop, only VIP System [without VIP Server] amp Web-Credits for Premium Modules. Helper from level 1. Party Exp Gap: 70 Levels.Max Level to delete a Character: 200 [amp 1 reset]. To delete chars over level 200 or over 1 reset you need to contact us. OFF-Attack: Active for everyone, 5 hours no auto-pick [VIP can boost its duration and can add auto-pick].

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